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Other Recipes

  • Focaccine


    A rich selection of homemade focaccia, filled with fine italian delicacies, such as provolone, mozzarella, dry tomato, rucola and different Tuscan hams, always dressed with Tuscan olive oil and fresh southern oregano

  • Pizza


    Sliced pizza from homemade dough using organic flour and fresh ingredients, mostly imported directly from Italy; the slice is a very practical format if you want to have a quick and cheap meal and enjoy the most original pizza recipe

  • Peperoni Ripieni

    Peperoni Ripieni

    Paprika stuffed with provolone cheese, mozzarella, basil and onions; real authentic dish from the south of Italy

The Team

  • Fabio

    Pane (aka Fabio)

    My name is Fabio and I welcome you in our small and humble place, where we try to preserve the good italian food traditions and share it in a welcoming place like the center of Amsterdam is. In my family there's a long trail of chiefs, all sharing the same love for simple, healthy and tasty food, mixing different origins and cultures. Pane & Olio is also the result of this journey, mixed with the flavor of the Tuscan products that we directly import from there, working with friends and relatives that keep this project alive.

  • Paolo

    Olio (aka Paolo)

    Hey there, welcome to our website! My name is Paolo and I'm normally hidden behind the kitchen, preparing the dough, cooking the pasta and dressing the dishes of the picture! I'm a passionate chief coming from the farest tip of Puglia, a region full of excellent products and simple recipes, yet extremely tasty. My daily satisfaction is to share my experience with people who enjoy our food and our mission.